Wondering How to Find the best Courses to become a dog trainer ?

    sarah whitehead course on dog behaviour

    Want to become a qualified dog trainer ? Or quickly learn to train your dog from the comfort of home ?

    If you want become a dog trainer and behaviorist start learning today from anywhere in the world. We highly recommend the renowned behaviorist Sarah Whitehead who provides accredited online and practical courses. 2 of the most popular options are the free video course on canine body language and the canine aggression course. For a full list of courses click on the picture.

    Dog Aggression Course
    Free Course on Canine Body Language        train your dog online


    Many courses for dog trainers are not certified by outside accrediting bodies. Dog training is unregulated by central government. Some schools for dog trainers offer token external Qualifications which are arguably an advancement on self certification. But these qualifications carry no weight outside dog training circles. In a recent poll in our group “external accreditation” was voted as one of the important factors in deciding what courses to take.

    We recommend a combination of theory learning and practical education from more then one provider and then ongoing education by attending dog training seminars. In this guide we are making a top 10 list of places to start but we suggest taking a combination of courses.

    Top Trainer Courses:


    how to become a top dog trainer
    The largest and most well established school for dog trainers in the Uk. Established for over 20 years their courses for dog trainers are well respected in dog training circles. APDT Canine courses comprise both theory with homework assignments and practical workshops. Students of the Association of pet dog trainers also receive ongoing mentoring. The APDT provides a huge library of educational material and other member benefits including 10% of Dog wise books and videos. People who qualify with APDT also benefit from being on the APDT dog trainers directory which features on most google searches.

    No.2 Karen Pryor Academy

    The creme de la creme of education for dog trainers. Karen Pryor is one of the most respected dog trainers in the world. The only downside is the price tag but in our opinion it’s worth it if you want to become a top trainer. The beginner courses are reasonably priced.
    how to become a qualified dog trainer

    No 3 The Clever Dog Company – Sarah Whitehead

    Sarah Whitehead is one of the most highly qualified dog behaviourist in the UK, a published Author and has appeared on the BBC and ITV. The clever dog company offer great bite size online courses for beginners, intermediate education and practical instructor courses for dog trainers.

     instructor courses for dog trainers


    NO.4 COAPE Higher Education

    COAPE Cater for Mature students offering a way to get a degree equivalent qualification with distance learning and weekend workshops. Probably the best choice for Adults who have other life commitments that want to become a behaviourist.

    dog behaviourist courses


    NO 5 Behaviour Works Susan G. Friedman (Distance Learning)

    Susan Friedman is a respected Professor at the Department of Psychology at Utah State University. This course is a little known Gem endorsed by famous trainers like Chirag Patel. A solid course looking at the science behind behavior modification including online podcasts.

    online courses for dog trainers


    NO.6.The University of Lincoln’s MSc Clinical Animal Behaviour programme

    The Premier education provider for young people who want to become a dog behaviourist. Lincoln has a internationally renowned veterinary behaviour clinic. Lincoln university offer both undergraduate and post graduate courses in Animal Behaviour.

     Clinical Animal Behaviour programme

    NO.7 International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour (ISCP) Online Course

    The International school for canine psychology provides distance learning with a difference including live monthly workshops and a Facebook support group. The College is run by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma who achieved an honorary doctorate in Humanities at Moffett University. Lisa also developed the Sympatico method of working with dogs which is used globally and is a published author of 26 books. The Heartbeat at Your Feet and Dog Training – The Essential Guide.

    International School for Canine Psychology & Behaviour

    NO. 8 Bishop Burton College undergraduate Animal behavior course.

    Endorsed by the Association of Pet Behaviour Councilours in the UK. An in-depth Degree course which also requires students to train a dog to high level.

    bishop burton school for dog trainers


    No.9.Wagga-Wuffins Canine College

    Endorsed Instructor Training Programme by Wagga-wuffins has a rather cute name ! But make no mistake it is a college offering a very solid program for anyone wanting to become a dog trainer. A National Open College Network Recognised Centre.

    Dog courses trainers and behavior

    NO. 10 The institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)

    Neatly packaged courses for people who want to pursue a career in dog training. They offer a 2 day beginners course for dog trainers and then a 4 day Practical Instructor Course followed by an assessment.

    Accredited Education and Qualifications for Dog Trainers & Behaviourists



    For a list of all undergraduate and postgraduate courses for dog trainers and behaviourists please look here.

    Dog Training Courses
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