Learn to Speak Dog

Learn to Speak Dog

learn to talk dog

Learn to speak dog !

These are images from the Dog Decoder app showing how it works. It’s the only smartphone app about dog body language.

First, there is the Pose, 2nd is the Information and 3rd shows the details, all the body parts that are talking.

There are 60 images illustrated by Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings and also a quiz to test your knowledge.

This image was an actual event. A news anchor, Kyle Dyer in Denver was bitten in the face on the air because she didn’t know how to read dog body language. It was this event that spurred me to make the Dog Decoder app which is the only smartphone app about dog body language.

If she knew how to read this dog’s body language, she would not have been bitten. This dog was telling her in every way possible and no one on the entire set knew how to speak dog.

It’s being used as an educational tool for trainers, veterinary behaviorists and their staff, dog groomers, in the elementary school educational programs on learning to speak dog, in educational programs in museums and parents and dog lovers worldwide are loving having this tool in the palm of their hands.

Available in iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dog-decoder/id755998890?mt=8 and

Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

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I've been studying dog body language for almost 40 years. My lifelong interest in helping people train their dogs began at the age of nine after reading a LIFE magazine article about Dr. Jane Goodall. Goodall's work observing chimpanzees fired my own devotion to animals into a full-blown passion. From that early age, I keenly observed the creatures around me and how people interacted with them. Years later, my zeal schooled by a degree in Animal Science and sharpened by working as a Veterinary Technician, I came to understand that my true calling was educating people how to better understand and train their dog. The Dog Decoder smartphone app is my latest endeavor in this education of humane education and safety between humans and dogs.